A female boxer mulling retirement faces her biggest battle when she agrees to be interviewed by an ambitious young journalist who idolises her. Fights don’t just take place in the ring…

Please watch the “Prequel” movie before ‘Thunder’ itself for the best experience – though we shot it in just 45 minutes, we’re really rather fond of this tender moment between ‘The Boxer & Her Trainer’…

And here’s ‘Thunder’ herself. Dedicated to female fighters everywhere:


When the words were written, the campaign prepared & the promotional video shot, preparations for the film were complete and we launched! We had 259 applicants for just one of the roles, a tremendous number for a short film. We were truly flattered.

We shot it late 2015 and, once finished, we submitted ‘Thunder’ into film festivals where it received two acceptances. Please visit our Facebook page for more information!

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A professional female boxer’s retirement is thrown into turmoil after she grants an interview to an ambitious young journalist who idolises her.

Just as the relationship between these two women deepens, the sports star’s marriage, religious beliefs, and resolve are pushed to breaking point when she’s reveals more about herself to this journalist than she intends…


‘Thunder’ Under Control concerns a retired female boxer named Kat ‘Thunder’ Wilkinson. It tackles topics such as gender inequality, sexual repression, and retirement issues. We are tying gender inequality in the world of boxing to that found in the film industry. More of this was detailed in my Newsletters. Please like that Facebook page!