When Brian discovers his days are numbered he attempts to live in denial. But he can neither ignore nor run from his fate. Brian must learn to live with Death – literally – or forever be tormented by him. There’s just one catch; Grim’s the housemate from hell!

Brian & the Grim Reaper is a dark comedy short film written, directed and produced by Eben Skilleter. It was accepted at 6 film festivals.

Running Time: 10 mins   Broadcast on Cambridge TV May 19th 2016   6 film festival acceptances (1 win) Facebook page here



Brian                                       Ian Pink

Grim                                        Dean Kilbey


Writer, Director, Producer       Eben Skilleter

Director of Photography          Ewan Mulligan

Editors                                     Nic Penrake & Shiona Penrake

Composer                                Alexandros Miaris

Executive Producer                 Nidhi Gupta

Camera Assistant                    Ruaraid Achilleos-Sarll

Gaffer                                      Vini Curtis

Colourist                                  Liam Hill

Visual Effects & Titles             Vikram Chadha

Continuity                                John Suriano

Sound Recordist                      Jake Chapman

Sound Design & Sound Mix    Stefania Fantini

Make-up Artist                         Hattie-Anne Florey

Grim’s Costume                      Esther Reeves of Mandala Studios

Grim’s Mask                            Geoff Sims of Propworkshop.co.uk

Stills Photographer                  Nick Ronald

Property Master                       Paul Skilleter

Catering                                   June Skilleter

Special Thanks

Fiona Tuohy Isabella Larter Geoffrey Robinson Maria Thomas Film Hampshire ShootingPeople.org

Filmed entirely on location in The New Forest, United Kingdom

For My Parents & Mark Juddery

Shot on RED Epic Dragon (5K / 6K)