Our crowdfunding campaign rolled out July 9th with a promotional video we have worked very hard on. I do hope you enjoy it, it’s available to view on the homepage.

During the campaign we had a photo shoot with E-types of various kinds, plus a few more vids as well. We want to share this beautiful car that we’re celebrating in our story. Mark your cards – not long till we shoot now!


Pre-production has begun! Eben Skilleter’s biggest short film to date has launched on social media! It’s easy to find: @etypemovie

Facebook will contain the more detailed updates – more pics, more info, more vids. Click HERE to follow production!
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Delighted to post the first teaser for my short film now!


“Archie’s Last Drive” is a fictional narrative drama set in the present day.

When Martin Reynolds discovers his estranged father’s Jaguar E-type rusting in a barn, he sees restoring this lost classic as a way of reconnecting with him. But Martin soon finds that Archie, a former racing driver, has grown ever more stubborn with age, which along with his deteriorating health makes restoring their relationship all but impossible…

Uplifting, poignant, dramatic and funny, “Archie’s Last Drive” was written by John Suriano and Eben Skilleter. Matthew Cooper (EastEnders and Emmerdale writer) is script consultant.

So we’re using the restoration of the Jaguar E-type as a metaphor for the restoration of their fractured relationship. We want this to be an emotional ride, so to speak. Appealing to car enthusiasts, yes, but to a general audience too. They may not realise how much love, care and attention are required to restore what is broken…if we’re talking about cars, that is!

Eagle E-types – one of the world’s most prestigious E-type restoration companies – has already allowed us to shoot some scenes at their workshops. The bulk of this dramatic short film will be shot in 2019. But the journey starts here!

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The more people who share our social media updates, the greater the chances of success. We could really do with your help as we can’t wait to share this moving and uplifting story with you! Thank you.